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Finger Millet Rava Dosa Mix

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Dosa Mix
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Ingredients: Finger millet, Kodo millet, Wheat rava(semolina), Cumin, black pepper, Asafotida, Cashew, Chilli powder and Salt.

Weight: 500g

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NatureMills Finger Millet Rava Dosa Mix is made from Finger millet(Ragi/Raagi) as main ingredient along with Kodo millet, wheat rava and spices.This mix combines the goodness of Finger millet and kodo millet. The spices adds all the taste elements and very easy to make.

    Finger Millet Rava Dosa is very easy to make from this mix. It takes about 25 to 30 minutes to prepare it.

    Following are the steps:

    • Take required amount of Finger Millet Dosa mix flour
    • Add sufficient amount of water.
    • Mix well until you get the batter thin and pourable consistency
    • Set them aside for 10-20 minutes
    • Place the pan on medium flame
    • Add few drops of oil or ghee to the pan and pour the batter evenly on the hot pan
    • Add diced onion on top if preferred
    • Roast the dosa until golden brown
    • Delicious and Healthy Millet Dosa is now ready to serve

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    Finger Millet Rava Dosa Mix
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