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Turmeric Tales Part 1

by Kamalraj Pakkirisamy 02 Jun 2018 0 Comments


Turmeric powder


The Root Cause of the Root’s fame, is this.

Why get familiar and friendly with our new offering, that’s the question.

Before we bask in the golden glow of the yellow love from the root, let’s consider the undeniable fact: We currently, (n for a long time to come), live in a global food world. Ships and siliconchips make food, and its’ recipes, travel beyond regions, religions, race and ricepots.

That brings us to shine a timely spotlight on something that’s speedily gaining superstar status in the global food world: Turmeric. So what’s this entire hullabaloo about Turmeric?

Honestly, the internet (and my own adult life so far) is rife with data and information on this brightly colored humble spice, that it’s no easy job to distill everything into a short knowledge-infusing read to the audience. Editorials in all tones of expression – hard facts, humor, and everything- in-between, bombard the inquisitive searcher’s unassuming attempt to know more about this edible Hero.

But that’s testament enough isn’t it? That elite print media world over, from NY times to Wallstreet Journal to Huffington Post to National Geographic, deemed that Turmeric is worth lending their tight publishing real-estate to?

What’s making Americans, become Turmericans? LOL.

Jokes apart, what is it about a root that’s generously used by a whopping 1/4th of the world’s population (Asian countries, predominantly India, SriLanka and Thailand), and a non-negligible 1/20th of the world’s population get super-hyped (US and Europe combined), that will make you read about it?


Simply put, use Turmeric: There’s no downside to it. (NO, being the operative focus word here).

Please use it, people! Just, use it.

Especially when global exchange and digital connectivity of all things real and virtual, can let you have the magic food on your dinner plate (Or your latte cup! ……Or your ice cream cone!), as easily as you can pronounce “Ter-me-ric”. I fully subscribe to and will urge every self-respecting eater (which is every single one of us, except if you are fasting hermit hibernating deep within the Amazon caves) to buy, eat, and use turmeric. Gulp it, sip it, chew it, slurp it, chow it down; or slather it on your wounds and smear it on your face – whatever suits your very unique persona.

But consume it, you must.

Our hero turmeric comes power packed, with a list of benefits that’s longer than the booklist in the Library of Congress. Any negatives? Anything that years of research and an army of scientists could dig up? Nope. Nada. None at all. Zilch.

Let’s continue our turmeric education in full throttle after a short break, lest I overdose and overwhelm you! Everything in moderation eh?  Just like our golden hero Turmeric.

Watch our space for more of this Spice Saga. Adios, future Turmericans!
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