Home remedies for Winter itchy skin

It is wonderful to experience each season and each brings a joy.
Winter starts the day with beautiful calm mornings and goes in to the sleepy afternoons.  Then soon dips into the early nightfall of darkness and cold. You crave for the warmth of fireplace or heater with nice warm drink. ( Healthy options like NatureMills Soups)
Though I love all these mystic weather, what I can not enjoy is the dryness in my skin. 
Winter Skin Care - Nature Mills 
Every morning and night, I dread the cold moisturizer. Just forget one day then it is itchy, uncomfortable sometimes with pain. It is not pleasant to see the cracked skin. Not sure which is more painful, cold cream or itchy skin?
One day I decided to give a try with alternate option. I took out few drops the NatureMills Sesame oil and used it instead of moisturizer. With in few mins, the skin absorbed the oil.  Over few days I felt the skin was better. No more cracking on my Lips, neck, hands and legs. 
We seem to think the grandma remedies don't work or they are time consuming. How different or difficult it is to apply few drops of oil rather moisturizer? I used to think, after applying oil I can't sit comfortably or touch anything as I might rub oil everywhere on my couch, chairs and sheets. Not necessarily. If you find the right amount of few drops that your skin can absorb,  you are free to move after few minutes. 
Still not convinced? I will share a hack. I keep a small dispenser of NatureMills Sesame oil in my bathroom. Use few drops of it like body wash. Then move on with your regular rituals with soap/body wash. It does help. 
When I told my friend,  she was not believing. How would it help with few drops and then washed off in few mins?  The same person uses the keratin infused shampoo and believes the hair will absorb Kerotin from washing off. If hair can absorb, why not skin?
Try it out and share your ideas as comments. 
Disclaimer: The article reflects the personal opinion of the Author - Suganya who is not an expert. 

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