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Shiny yellow!

by THIRUVENGADAM PERUMAL 06 Feb 2020 0 Comments
    Oh, should I explain how much humankind especially Asians love the shiny yellow metal -The Gold! It has captivated the hearts of humans for multiple centuries and the craze has not diminished yet! Going strong still. 
   However I am going to discuss a different yellow that has captivated our hearts with the look it creates. It contradicts with gold with It's humble price and it is not a ornament but a species - Turmeric.
Turmeric - NatureMills   
   Turmeric is nothing but a root like ginger. My first memory of Turmeric is at my grandma house.  My grandma used to grow the turmeric plant at her side yard. On Pongal festival day, She used to pick out two plants of ground with the nicely grown roots, wash and wrap them around the neck of the new clay pot. The clay pot with It's 3 lines of Vibhuti(Scared ash) and a red Kumkum in the middle now looks festive with the fresh turmeric roots hanging from the plants around its neck. I used to wonder if my grandma used it as hot handle mitt. :)
   After eating the delicious sweet pongal, my grandma will break the fresh turmeric roots and each family gets a piece. I love the smell of the fresh turmeric.  My mom used to ask me to rub it a small rock with a drop of water. The root will give chucky paste. I used it on my face and wash it off. It will give a slight yellow shine even on my darker skin tone. I always felt it made the face vibrant. 
   In the absence of fresh turmeric, it is hard to find the one that is not the chemical color. Finally I am very happy to find the NatureMills Turmeric powder.  It's nice aroma reminds me of my childhood.
   I wish to share my child those simple pleasures, simple yet powerful and beneficial skin care techniques using NatureMills Turmeric powder. 

Share your ideas as comments. 
Disclaimer: The article reflects the personal opinion of the Author - Suganya who is not an expert. 
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