What is Food Actually?


Natural Food         


Actually, Food is any substance consumed by a living thing to provide nutritional support for its overall well-being.The food should contain essential nutrients for proper function of the body.

        Although, our body is capable of synthesizing some amount of nutrients endogenously, it lacks to produce adequate amount of nutrients needed.so, only way is to fulfill the amount of nutrients, which the body needs for its function, is through food  

Essential Nutrients are of two types:

  1. Macronutrients- Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat

  2. Micronutrients-.Vitamins, Minerals

        Foods containing Essential Nutrients helps, to grow ,produce energy and maintain the state of healthy wellbeing. It also keeps our brain active throughout the day, helps to build healthy muscles, plays major role to boost heart health and it also  tone our entire body in and out. Improve the strength of bones and muscles…

        Once Essential Nutrients are part of your day, then it prevents you from the chronic diseases like cancer, blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes.

It also overcome the stress and make you to feel better in all the ways….

Have a Healthy Food…which makes you and your environment safe…


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