What is Organic?


Organic Food

What is organic??

Organic which means naturally occurring thing without using any of substance which tends to modify its  characteristics  .Organic in the other sense, is environment friendly and safe.

Why Organic Food?

Organic food is the food produced by the certified organic farms, which avoids the use of manmade chemical fertilizers and pesticides, not regulating the growth by chemical stimulators, by  not genetically modifying the food.

In other words, Food which is grown naturally, without any intervention of chemicals, techniques and growth pattern are generally referred as organic food.

Organic Farming supports agriculture sustainability,by protecting the environment,public health and animal welfare.

Certification standards are given to the food which is organic in order to  stand out of the food which is not.Organic farms do farming based upon the standards mentioned by the regulatory framework.However,standards vary worldwide,each country has its own regulations,but the vital role of these frameworks is to ensure eco-friendly farming without any chemicals at the end.

Food ,which is naturally grown preserve its nutrients so as to fulfill the overall requirement needed  by our body..

so go organic…go healthy…


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